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YL-CM20 PE double-sided tape (can be pasted repeatedly, not easy to residue)

Model No.︰YL-CM20
Brand Name︰YIU-LIAN
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

Product name: YL-CM20 PE double-sided tape
Tape thickness: 0.13mm
Heat resistance: 75 degrees
Width: can be cut according to customer needs.
Length: 18 / 22M
Material: The base material is PE film with special acrylic adhesive on both sides. 
The advantages of this product: good viscosity, the paste can be reused, can be wiped with water, can be used after drying, not easy to leave glue and non-toxic (no toluene).

Uses: Fixing and pasting of PCB multilayer boards (reusable, greatly reducing costs), electronics, processing industries and other industries that require repeated pasting.

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